Linda Cortright is coming to the Festival

Linda Cortright, editor and publisher of Wild Fibers magazine, is coming to the 16th annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival. Linda has traveled over 1,000,000 miles since launching the magazine to write stories, take photographs and to explore the animals, art, people and cultures of the natural fiber industry. She has the natural gift of storytelling and has thousands of gripping, heartfelt stories to share as well as powerful images from around the world. Her passion is to preserve natural fibers and the people, animals and cultures that make up this threatened industry. Where people and animals are forced to leave the land, the fiber is lost. Linda raises cashmere goats, but she hopes her stories will help the world see the importance of sheep, llamas, camels, silkworms and the hundreds of other animals that create the natural fiber industry.

Where do you want Linda to take us?
We recently spoke with Linda and asked her where she might take us in October when she is here for the 16th annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival. She mentioned Mayanmar in Burma, Oman, the high Himalayas, Tibet, Mongolia, Kazakstan and New Zealand among others. What would you like to see and experience? Sleeping with 12,000 cashmere goats? Seeing helicopter sheep rescues in New Zealand? Angora goats produce luxurious mohair, while the Vicuna produce golden fleece; the rarest, most costly natural fiber in the world. They are sacred and protected and a source of sustainable income for Andean families.

Linda is following her passion to save natural fibers as they are a threatened industry around the world. She will give two presentations during her stay here and be writing a story about the Festival and art, cultures and the animals producing natural fibers in Idaho and the west. Her Success Breakfast is about following your passion, overcoming the fear and just moving forward. This will be a more intimate and personal time to ask Linda about her success. For her, success is touching people deeply and sharing the art, culture, people and animals of the world of natural fibers.

The second presentation is in partnership with the Community Library and will be held on Saturday, October 13th beginning at 6:00 p.m. with wine and hors d'oeurves.

She has given hundreds of interviews and photo journey presentations around the globe and is charming, funny and full of great stories. Please join us.