Mark Kurlansky at the Festival


Oysters, fish, creme brulee and coffee might say dinner to the average person, but to Mark Kurlansky, they're each a lens into who we are.  Although many of Kurlansky's works focus on food, it is the history, cultures and stories that always bring relevance to the topic.  This gathering will provide the unprecedented opportunity to weave Mark's research and insights into a common thread shedding light on the importance of culture in world sustainability.

The evening will also feature personal stories of cultural perseverance and includes audience interaction through questions, answers and thoughtful discussion about how the past connects us to the present world.  This event will be held at the NexStage Theatre as part of the Festival Opening and SheepTales gathering on Friday, October 11, 2013, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tickets now available online.