Sheeptales Gathering to Feature Hank Vogler in 2014

On Friday, October 10, 2014, outspoken Nevada sheep rancher, Hank Vogler, will share his deep love for ranching through stories sprinkled with humor.  He is known for his quick wit, liberty with words and common sense.  He is a regular host on Rural Radio, a radio show with a mission of bridging rural and urban America.

Henry Volger the Fourth (Hank) spent every possible moment on his grandparent’s ranch as a boy. He thought he'd never leave the Island Ranch; that he would spend his life here. But, at age 15, his world basically ended.  “There was nothing left and no reason to even exist because the Island Ranch was gone.”

He married his high school sweetheart, earned his B.A. in Agriculture, worked hard and started his own ranch, “The Need More Sheep Company.”  Today, Hank and a large coalition of ranchers and environmentalists are fighting a plan by the Southern Nevada Water Authority to divert water from ranches all over the state to Las Vegas via massive pipelines.  The SNWA is purchasing ranches for millions of dollars over appraised value, just for the water rights.  No real rancher can compete.

We will also invite a small panel of old-time ranchers to join him and share their stories. There is no one that we know that is so beloved by generations of sheep ranchers as Hank Vogler.  He makes people comfortable.  He makes people laugh.  Don't miss the stories and irreplaceable snapshots of life in the west.