2018 Sponsors & Donors

Our heartfelt thanks to all who give so generously to help make the
annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival a success. 

Please help us keep our colorful history, heritage and culture alive for generations to come. We are a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Your gifts are 100% tax deductible. To donate securely, please click the Donate Now button anywhere on this website or call 208.720.0585. 
*List last updated 10/20/18

Thank you!

Premier Sponsors

American Lamb Board
D.L. Evans Bank
The Martine and Dan Drackett Family Foundation, Inc. 
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission
Marcia & Don Liebich
Diane & John Peavey, Flat Top Sheep Company
Frank Shrontz

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David Anderson
Judy Bachman
Susan & Gary Crowe
Kathleen & Henry Etcheverry, Etcheverry Sheep Co.
Damaris Ford, Landmark Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Deana & Morley Golden
Gooding Basque Association
Jo Ellen & Jeff Hasbrouch, Double J Lamb Feeders
Idaho Humanities Council
Idaho Wool Growers Association
Martha & Ross Jennings
Susan Kay Lang
Joyce & DW McCallum
POWER Engineers, Inc.
Producers Livestock Marketing Association
Mary Lou Reed, Margaret W. Reed Foundation
Susie & Terry Ring, Silver Creek Outfitters
Jennifer Speers, My Good Fund Trust
Taste & Craft
Alberto Uranga, Lasaii Benefits
Diana & Mallory Walker
Maryanne & Jerry Whitcomb
Julie Ann Wrigley, Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation


Atkinsons’ Market
Mary & Mike Colhoun
Marriner & Leni Eccles
Elaine & John French
Mrs. Harold, Harper Livestock Company
Bill Jones
J.R. Simplot Company
Bonnie & David Little, Nevada Wool Growers

Little Family Endowment in the Idaho Community Foundation
Jennifer & Peter Roberts
Brian Ross & Susan Reinstein
Rocky Mountain Sheep Marketing Assn.
Gordon Russell
Melinda & Dick Springs
Utah Wool Marketing Association
Joan & John Valaas                 


Lesley Andrus            
Maryanne Davis
Mary & John Eagle
Whittney & Dallas Fairchild, Fairchild Sheep Shearing                      
Terri & Vernon Fairchild, Jr., Fairchild Shearing
Jeanne & Jacob Greenberg, Shorty's Diner
Vicki & Michael Guerry, Guerry, Inc.
Norma Stratton Hale, T's & Temptations, Inc.
Idaho Power Company
Barbara Thrasher & Rick Koffey, Thrasher Koffey Foundation
Inge-Lise & Jack Lane
Stephanie & Lonnie Lickley, Maverick Land and Cattle Company
Elaine & Frank Moore, Spearhead Ranch
Sharon & Nick Purdy, Picabo Livestock Co., Inc.
Roswell Wool  
Teri & Sandor Szombathy              
The Chamber - Hailey & Wood River Valley



Allegra Andersen
Bark n’ Purr Healthy Pet Essentials
Chelsea Becker
Megan Becker
Katie Benson
Ruthe & Joe Betti
Sheila Ames & John Bigelow
Rita Boman
Sandy Canady
Dr. Carl D. Cheney
Beverly & Kevin Cobb
Patricia & Thomas Cobb
Joan Davies
Alexis Drake
Hayden Drake
Jane Drussel
Diane & Rob Ellingson
Pam & Megan Feld
Elaine & John French
Kent Gardner
Hailey Rotary Club
Nancy & Charles Hogan
Evelyn Holden
Petra Holden
Hotel Ketchum
Joan Meisel & Lee Hunt 
Martha & Ross Jennings
Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation
Sydney & Jay Johnson
Merrill Koster
Barbara & Harry Lee
Marie Lerch
Jose V. Lete Family
Jane Conard & Rick Maneval

Melisa Rauschenberger & Dawn Marcom
Joyce & DW McCallum
Iris McCallum
Roseann & Kenneth Merrill
Charlie & Janet Meyer
Roxy & Ed Musser
Carolyn & Mike Patterson
Diane G. DeRocher & James A. Pearre
Bob Powers
Barbi Reed (In Memory of Gary Hornbuckle)
Kathy Seal
Molly Snee
Southeast Idaho Fiber Arts Guild
Les Shanahan & Craig Spiller 
Melinda & Dick Springs
Catherine Anne Stevens
JoLynda Stillman
Mary Anne Stilwill
Kayla & Ryan Stimpson
Karen & Scott Stone
Karen & Gary Stroder
Sun Valley Cleaners
The Givens Family
The Hangout at Hotel Ketchum
The Lundin Family
Utah Wool Marketing Association
Bonnie Wailes
Jeannie Wailes
Alison Wells
Wooly Sisters on the Fly


Charles Barinaga
Dominique Etcheverry, By Dominique, Inc.
Katherine & Robert Gardner
Nancy & Charles Hogan
Legacy Group, LLC
Pete Paris, Jr.
Dr. Steve & Marylyn Pauley
Spooky & Jim Taft
Wood River Insurance


American Border Collie Association, Inc.
Sharon & Lynn Bockemohle
Samantha Brackett
Nicole Etcheverry-Sarkany
Tim & Heather Filgate
Sheila Kelley
Barbara & Harry Lee
Ruth Lieder
Janet & Charlie Meyer
Helen Moore, King Ranch
Dorothy Ann (D.A.) Outzs
Ann Puchner
Erica Tripard
Gay Weake


Sid Alpert
Susan & Marvin Anderson
Joann & Robert Anttila
Joyce Balmforth
Katie Benson
Cheryl Bittner
Barbara Boyer
Shirley Buccieri
Brian Buckley
Laurie Burchfield
Teri Burnett
Wendy Chase
Candis Compton
Mary Austin Crofts
David Deardorff
Laura Musbach Drake
Mary Jane Elmore
Marge Etchandy
Dominique Etcheverry
Kathleen & Henry Etcheverry
Cindy Everist
Heather Hammond & Tim Filgate
Julie Flolo
Nicole Ford
Bill Fraser
Chris Gwilliam
Norma Stratton Hale, T’s & Temptations, Inc.
Sandra & Craig Hill
Nancy & Charles Hogan
Lowell Jagels
Maureen Jenner

Michele Johnson
Mark Kiesel
Cindy Kocher
Gail LeBow
ME Rowe Photography
Anne Nordquist
Judy Nutter
Colleen O’Sullivan
Carolyn & Mike Patterson
Diane & John Peavey
Cameron Phillips
Ruthann Redmon
Georgia Rittenberg
Elizabeth Roberts
Brian Ross
Mary Elizabeth & Jim Rowe
Deborah Samson
Lynn Schneider
Michelle Schwartz
Gail Seeds
Debra Shmerling
Therese Smith
Phyllis Somes
JoLynda Stillman
Mary Stuman
Sushi On Second
Francine Tepper
Rebecca Thomas
Denise Tomlan
Cheri Williams
Susie & Dan Wilson
Kelli Young
Kati Zagurski


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CKs logo.jpg

American Lamb Board
Travis Amick, Trials’ Photography
Kelsey Bates - Mayhem Marketing
Blaine County School District
Blaine County Recreation District
Ashley Boand, Trials’ Photography
Boise State Public Radio
BRJ Distributing
by Dominique, Inc.
Brandon Caldwell, Trials’ Photography
Caldwell Transportation
Lavon Calzacorta, Dynamite Specialty Products
Chocolate Moose
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
City of Hailey
City of Ketchum
CK's Real Food
Clear Creek Disposal
Copy & Print
Chris Corwin, Trials’ Photography
Ray Crabtree, Stock Dog Event Announcing
Dark to Light Productions
D.L. Evans
Alexis Drake, Trials’ Photography
Michael Edminster, Trials’ Photography
Faulkner Land & Livestock
Footlight Dance Centre
Girl Scouts
Gooding Basque Association
Hayden Beverage Company
Dave Hennessy, Quigley Canyon Ranch
Barry Howsden
Idaho Lumber/Ace Hardware
Idaho Mountain Express
Jay Cutler Event Services
Judy’s Design House
Lava Lake Lamb
Limelight Hotel Ketchum
Lutz Rental
Christy McPherson, CPA
Mountain Rides
Mountain States Rosen
Parker Wine
Diane & John Peavey, Flat Top Sheep Co.
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Pepsi Beverage Company
Evelyn Phillips
Range Broadcasting
Sawtooth Botanical Garden
Jerry Seiffert
Snake River Winery
Sun Valley Co.
Sun Valley Property News
Sun Valley Transfer & Storage, Inc. 
Superior Farms
TEC Distributing of Idaho, LLC
The Chamber
The Community Library
The Sawtooth Club
University of Idaho, Blaine County 4-H
Prem Kumar Varma, Trials’ Photography
Wada Farms Marketing Group
Carol Waller, CW Communications
Webb Landscape, Inc. 
Wicked Spud
Wild Fibers Magazine
Jack Williams, Photography
Wood River Radio

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Perrys  logo.png
SBG Logo 2.png
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The Village Market logo 2017.jpeg
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Webb Logo.jpg




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Knob Hill Inn_Horizontal_Color.png

Airport Inn
Alpine Lodging
AmericInn Lodge & Suites
Best Western Kentwood Lodge
Best Western Tyrolean Lodge
Hotel Ketchum
Knob Hill Inn
POWER Engineers
Silver Creek Hotel
Sun Valley Company
Wood River Inn


PRIVATE LODGING DONORS                                  
Bobbie & Dick Boyer
Norma Douglas
David Field
Manon & Aubry Gaudreau
Kim Laragan-Uranga
Marcia & Don Liebich
Hope Page & Al Norris
Bruce Norvell
Sheila Witner
Gina & John Wolcott

2017 VOLUNTEERS - Thank You!

The Trailing of the Sheep Festival would not happen every year without the dedication of more than 200 volunteers. The communities of Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley and Carey along with devotees from all over the country, volunteer in a variety of ways to make the event a success. They are highly appreciated and are a critical complement to our volunteer board of directors and event committee.  We applaud and thank our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers for keeping our rich history strong.  Thank you.

Agnes Kind
Al & the Wood River Sustainability Center
Amari Caballero
Anita Whelan
April Macleod
Ariel Caballero
Ashley Boand
Ava Deffe
Ben Schepps
Blaine County Museum
Bob McLeod
Brenda Lyon
Brian Olsen
Bruce Tidwell & Building Material Thrift Store
Chris Simms
Colleen Pace
Community Library Staff
Cory Peavey
Deb Gelet
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz's Friend
Dominique & Chris
Don & Marcia Liebich
Doreen Sadler
Emma Schmillen
Fred Wagner
Girl Scouts
Haddie & Sage - the Sage School
Hailey Public Library Staff
Heather Crocker
Heidi Bynum
Heidi Hogan
Helen Stone
Henry Etcheverry/Laird Noh
Hilarie Neely
Jack Christian
Jacob Landes
Jacqueline Jablonski
Jake Peavey
Jane Beattie
Jennifer Montgomery
Jerry Seifert
Jim & Wendy Jaquet
Jim Spinelli
Jima Rice
Joan Davies
JoEllen Collins
John Peavey
Jon Pruess
Jonna Pletcher
Judy Powell
Julie Oxarango-Ingram
Karol Johanningmeier Ward
Katherine Pleasant
Kathi Kimball
Katie Fiaschetti


Kelli Young
Laine Hubbard
Laird Noh
Leslie Feltman
Liam Christian
Linda Bergerson
Lisa Emerick
Lisa Horton
Lisa Phillips
Logan & Sun Valley Storage
Lynn Snell
Marcia Kent
Mason Fredrickson
Melanie Dahl
Michele & Jon Pruess
Michelle Kreczkowski
Mike Crotty
Mike Slaughter
Mila Lyon
Mitch Gerber
Neal Wesner
Nick Smith
Niki Cohen
Page Klune
Paige Deshields
Peggy Miller
Pete Wilson
Rebecca Hughes
Rev Ken Brannon
Richard Stahl
Rob Emerick
Robin Crotty
Roger & Margie Gould
Rosana McCauley
Russ Girdler
Ruth Lieder
Sally Horn
Sam & Molli Linnet
Sara Baldwin
Sarah Caballero
Sarah Feltman
Shari Finer
Shirley Spinelli
Sun Valley Company
Susan Hughes
Syd Darling
Syringa School Kids Clean-up Crew
The Valley Chamber
Thomas Mc Kernan
Tisha Sterling
Tom Christian
Tori Thomas
UI Extension 4-H, Blaine County Members
Webb Nursery
Wendy Collins
Xole Uranga