Sheep Dog Handler Information

                                   Trailing of the Sheep Stock Dog Trial                                   October 11- 13, 2019
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Sanctioned by USBCHA   

LOCATION: Quigley Field, Hailey, Idaho

Judge: Carol Clawson, Utah

Entries Open: August 1 Entries Close: August 15
All entries are treated with the same priority, late entries will be allowed if space available.

Contact Info: Kelly Ware; 702.275.0515,

Classes and Fees: Three one-day open trials; dogs will be randomly drawn to run twice

Entry Fee: $70.00 per run; separate check needed for third dog

Mail Entries to: Kelly Ware, PO Box 369, Greenleaf, ID 83626

Checks Payable to: Broken Crook Farm

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Travel on ID-75 to Hailey, tum right on Fox Acres Road The field is directly behind the Wood River High School  

Sample Entry Form (Download entry form below)

I, as a competitor, accept any and all responsibilities for any loss or damage that may occur to any livestock or articles exhibited.  Also, if any damage, loss or injury to person or property shall be caused by reason of any neglect or willful act of any person, firm or corporation, or their agent, representatives, or employees having the privilege to be present, the land owner, trial committee, and exhibitors shall in no manner be responsible and or liable. My payment acknowledges that I have read this and that I am responsible for any cost incurred as a result of damages caused by my dog(s) to the facilities, animals, and or persons.  I also acknowledge that my dog(s) is current on all vaccinations.   

Dog #1  ________________________________________________________________________________________   Handler  Fee ______________________                      

Dog #2   _______________________________________________________________________________________    Handler  Fee _____________________

                                                                                                                                                              Total Fees ________________________  

Address _________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone ____________________________

City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________________________________                         

Email  _____________________________________________________________________________________________     

Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________ Date  _____________________


Dog #3  __________________________________________________________________________________________ Handler  Fee ____________________                                                                                                                                                                                   (separate check, please)

CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Broken Crook Farm

MAIL ENTRIES TO: Kelly Ware, PO Box 369, Greenleaf, ID 83626

CONTACT INFO: Kelly Ware; 702.275.0515,