Staff Directors

Laura Musbach Drake
Executive Director

Laura served many non-profit organizations throughout the Saint Louis community and larger region for sixteen years.  In 2011, she relocated to Sun Valley on a new adventure and to continue serving non-profit organizations and charities with her fund raising, development and event planning skills.  Area groups she has worked for include the San Francisco Ballet in Sun Valley project and the Sawtooth Botanical Garden. Laura holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, was a member of the St. Louis Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) from 1995 until 2011 and was a Board member of the chapter on and off for six years.  In addition to working for the Festival, she is also the Festival Manager for Ballet Sun Valley 2018.  

Sheila Kelley
Program Director
Since 1978, Sheila has been active in the Wood River Valley community. After volunteering for several years as the Festival's Folklife Fair Director, she was hired as a year-round staff member who, while still being Folklife Fair Director, is now also the Festival's Program Director and manages most of the logistics in making the festival ideas happen.  Like all key staff, Sheila handles several other responsibilities including fundraising, permits, supplying goods and services and writing the newsletter. 





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Kelsey Bates
Web Content Manager


Syd Darling
Headquarters Coordinator


Dominique Etcheverry
Parade Coordinator

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Heidi Hogan.jpg
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Deb Gelet
Wool Fest Coordinator

Heidi Bates Hogan
Food & Beverage Coordinator

Geegee Lowe
Folklife Fair & Volunteer Coordinator

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Michele Preuss
Film, Sheep Tales Gathering, Sheep Jam & Art in Town Square Coordinator

Xoledad Uranga
Sheepdog Trials & Lodging Coordinator

Carol Waller
Media Coordinator